Featured Speakers

CHIP BERLET is the Senior Analyst at Political Research Associates, a Boston area investigative team that traces the activities of extreme religious and paramilitary groups operating here in our country. He is the author (with Matthew Lyons) of Right Wing Populism: Too Close for Comfort, and over 60 articles.

TONY HILEMAN is the Executive Director of the AHA. His tenure has produced greater visibility for the AHA in the national media and an increase in membership to over 6000 people.

FRED EDWORDS is editor of The Humanist and chair of the AHA publications committee. His latest achievement has been to coordinate the publication of Humanist Manifesto III.

TOM FERRICK is a member of the AHA board of directors, Executive Director of the Humanist Association of Massachusetts, and the Humanist Chaplain at Harvard University

JOE GERSTEIN, MD is president of HAM and the founding director of Smart Recovery. His program for controlling addiction, using the Rational Emotive Therapy approach has expanded beyond this nation's borders, especially among prison populations

DAVID SCHAFER was cofounder of the Humanist Association of Central Connecticut in 1989 and was its president for the first 10 years. He has served on the board of directors of the AHA and as a class mentor at the Humanist Institute. He is currently an adjunct faculty member of the Humanist Institute, manager of a UU Humanist mailing list, and consulting editor of The Humanist.

JUNE SCHAFER is Chair of the Unitarian Society of New Haven Task Force on Poverty and Economic Justice, sustaining a partnership with an inner New Haven public housing project; and USNH representative, Vice President and Program Chairman of Interfaith Cooperative Ministries of Greater New Haven, a group of 44 congregations helping the poor.

NASHAAT BOUTROS, MD is Associate professor of Psychiatry and director of the School of Medicine at Yale University, and Director of the Clinical Electrophysiology and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Laboratory of the VA-Medical Center in West Haven, CT